What is Speedrun coding?

Speedrun coding is a special code kata repetitive exercise focusing on speed. Algorithm and data structure are of secondary priority.

Who is it for?

Professionals who want to prepare for coding interview efficiently.

How is it done?

Provided the solution algorithm of a problem, you just need to code it out as fast as possible without bug.

Why is it good?

Have you ever come up with rough a idea for solving a coding problem, but drew blank when trying to translating that to code (especially under time pressure)? A lot of candidates fail coding interview simply because they run out of time.

It takes around 20 minutes for an average engineer to write a common known algorithm (quicksort, DFS, etc) from scratch. With speedrun coding practice, it will only take 2 minutes. Imagine having an extra half an hour in your technical interview.

Common way to practice is to spend an hour working on 1 or 2 problems only. More efficiently, you can speed run 10 or more problems with that same amount of time. Repeat implementation of an algorithm internalizes the knowledge faster and builds up your coding muscle memory; and you will get tired faster too.

Are you saying that Algorithm and Data structure is not important?


You don't need to know more than a couple of basic algorithm and data structures.

There is only like 10 problems to practice here and they are so easy

Did you get high rank with your speed?

"I care not the man who has practiced 10,000 coding problems, but I'd strong hire the man who has practiced 1 problem 10,000 times" - Sun Tzu